About Alan Seeger

Alan-x4Alan Seeger began writing stories at the age of ten or so, filling spiral notebooks which have since, fortunately, been eaten by a black hole in space. An editor, essayist, songwriter, graphic designer and novelist, he is the proprietor of Five59 Publishing.

He writes about things otherworldly; sometimes interplanetary or interdimensional, and other times twisted and terrifying. He is an advocate for Native American rights, writing the Facebook blog Honor The Treaties as well as the music blog Raised on Rock.

He is on track to complete his long-delayed BA in English and Creative Writing at Sinte Gleska University in May of 2015. His latest work is the omnibus edition of his science fiction series, The Gatespace Trilogy, published in December 2014.

Alan was interviewed for the AwesomeGang book site in the Spring of 2015.

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